Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY: Push Up Bra

One of my good friends I've known since elementary school has been thinking of getting a breast augmentation because she hates shopping and not being able to "fill in" her tops as well as she would like. She's already spent so much money on "jelly bras" so when she brought up the boob job idea recently, I thought, there's got to be a way to create a cleavage illusion without having to spend on push-up bras or fake boobs! She already has a small frame so getting large breasts would only make her look disproportioned.

While she was jokingly squeezing her boobs in together to create the effect that she ideally wants, I said, let's put something in the sides of your bra that will hold them together like that creating a "faux cleavage". The only thing you need is 2 pairs of rolled up socks, one for each side!

Yes, the Kleenex-stuffing days are over because the trick is not to stuff the front of the bra, but from the bottom sides of the bra causing your boobs to smoosh in and create a natural-looking cleavage.

Simply take your rolled up socks and place them inside your bra on the bottom sides (where the lace is on the bra cup below, that's where the sock should be). Repeat on the other side. If you're worried that your guy will see them fall out, just wait until he turns around and quickly remove the socks and fling them on the floor.

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